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Civil Vision International is about connecting, informing and inspiring citizens. CVI'S Global Project is dedicated to promoting education, networking and assistance initiatives for international freedom, peace and stability. The Global Project the Afghan Vision Series: mini-interviews with Afghan Youth about the future of Afghanistan, and the Student Dialogue Series where CVI connects college students from the USA and conflict countries like Afghanistan to foster enriching conversations between the next generation of leaders.

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” ~Jonathan Swift

Art can help us visualize, imagine, and re-imagine our ideas and goals, the world toward which we are working.

Do you have a piece of art, a photograph, or a poem that expresses something about what you want to see in the future?

We see beauty and art in the faces and words of the people in these videos below.

Eٍxtremist ideology, instability, exclusionary deal-making, and uncertainty pose enormous risks to our Global future. The stakes are high. The sacrifices have been great. But so are the reasons for hope, and chief among them is the extraordinary potential represented by the world’s new generation of leaders. This is the time for citizens to dream, to unify, and to act – not against our governments but FOR a vision we believe in, urging our governments to understand and move as well. We all have a stake in a world free of the strangle-hold of extremism and corruption.